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Salahkan Cikgu (Blame the teachers)

Oh man! I really hate this when parents start to point fingers at teachers for not doing their jobs. Last few weeks, there had been reports in the newspaper that schoolchildren being extorted by their classmates, gang-fights and the most recent one was on the rise of illiterate students. Now, why such incidences happened? They blame it on teachers. Yeah right…teachers! School administration! Headmasters! Come on la…be realistic parents out there! There are thousands of students in a school and only a few teachers, can we actually monitor each one of them? Are we supposed to be in the classroom for 24 hours and  7 days? Do we need to care for the students when they are outside the school too? Oh gee…if we can do all of the above, we are GODS already. GODS can be everywhere, anywhere, anytime. The question is…are we, teachers, GODS? No we are not. Our body can be in one place only. Incidences such as fighting, extortion, bully happened behind our backs, when we are not around. Do you think students will do all these in front of the teachers?  If they do, we can act. But then, it happened outside the classroom, during recess, during our class transitions or outside the schools.

Parents should be proud that, out of thousands students in a school, only one or two students had caused problems. Why look  or make fuss of the small figures right? Look at the bigger numbers, the thousands that we protect, care and educate. There are prones to be be bad apples in a box of apple. So there should not be any finger pointing. If parents point at us, I will point at them too.

Think about this, if there are policemen in the city, why are they still crimes? Can they protect each and single one of us? Be realistic parents! Why not point fingers at them, the policemen, when your sons became drug addicts? thiefs, or died in a road accident? Bah! Cikgu juga disalahkan…. plain stupidity!

We can work this out together parents. Just don’t point fingers at us. The faults is not 100 % on the school. I raise my case!

Re-Introduction of Bible

It has been my long time wish for the Bible subject to be re-introduced in our school and I was happy to hear the news that students are now allowed to take Bible subject as an elective in school. Due to the depreciating moral values in our school, I agree with the statement made by William Ghani Bina, a Sarawak Teachers’ Union President, that learning bible can help to discipline the students. For me, I hope that learning bible can help our Christians students to grow spiritually.

From what I see today, many Christians students do not know their bible and Christian teachings. I hope that by the re-introduction of Bible subject in school, Christians students will be more aware of Christianity. For this, I have to applaud Datuk Seri Mohd Najib for his 1 Malaysia concept. Giving the opportunity for Christians to practice their religion is indeed a blessing. I believe it is a prayer answered for all Christians as every Sunday, Christians in Malaysia never fail to pray for the prosperity and a peaceful government which is under the leadership of the current party. If you don’t believe me, just go to your church, take the prayer book and read the part where we submit our prayers.

Of course there are a few challenges in teaching this subject.

1. Teachers need to be qualified to teach bible knowledge.

2. Teachers should not condemn other religions.

3. Teachers should know the bible in and out.

4. There must be a clear guidelines and syllabus of what to teach.

Finally, since it is an elective subject, I hope many students will be interested to take up this subject.

School Magazine

Since the school re-opened, my duties are mounting. I hardly breathe. But I understand that it is part and puzzle early of the year jobs especially as the form teacher. Reading blogs and writing a new entry are two things that I hardly can commit right now. When my name was mentioned as the photographer for our school magazine, I was excited about it although I know it is a tough job. Just today, I managed to take photos of form 5 students (2 classes) and I would like to share two of them to you guys. In the magazine later, the photos are going to be black and white.

These photos are for sale to students. The one that will be included in the magazine is a passport style photos (Of course I don’t have to show you those photos. Ahaks!)