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Aloysius & Christina

Ah…another actual wedding shots at the end of this year. I like taking photographs of this couple because they really enjoyed their wedding. Throughout the wedding shots, they smiled a lot and I had a hard time choosing good photos to be made into a wedding album because all photos were nice! Hehehe…

Terry & Suzie

Finally, the end year is here and I trust that many free lance and full time photographers like Rudy, Abg Syuk, Norris, Krisno and erolnukman, are busy taking wedding photos right now. I have visited a few blogs that posted on wedding photos (but I didn’t leave any comments…shhhhhh!!!) and I am so envious of them because they take beautiful photos. Looking at my own photos, I always feel that I am far behind. I may have a good DSLR, but my editing technique is bad. Oh well, I don’t know…maybe my clients love them.

Recently, my cousin got married and I am happy that they have given me the trust to take their wedding photos. We did not have time to do outdoor shoot because it was raining heavily, so I just took the wedding event. I am happy that my big brother was there too to take photos with me. We learned from each other a lot that night.

We did these shots inside my cousin’s house. Although the space was limited, I’m glad we have the thing called “Photoshop”. Hahaha! Anyway, congrats to my cousin. Your photobook is ready! I hope you like it.