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How I make more friends

Of all the hobbies and activities I’m involved in,  Riding a bike seemed to be the only activity that expands my friendship’s circle. In fact, it is still expanding.  I made friends when….

a. I met other riders who are hanging out at a motorcycle workshop.

b. I met other riders who just got his first bike and I happened to be at the shop.

c. I met other riders who are buying things from a bike accessory shops.

d. I joined the big bikers whatsapp group.

e. I met other bikers in a convoy.

f. I met other bikers who are drinking a cup of coffee in a coffee shop and I happened to be there.

g. I met other bikers on a traffic light.

h. I met other bikers introduced by other bikers.

So, basically, owning a big bike is actually a good tool to make friends. All these while, my circle of friends were mostly teachers. But today, I have friends from the medical, fire and rescue, oil and gas, engineering, police, JPJ, land and survey department, special branch, self-employed, banks and the list keep growing.

In our group, we accept each other’s differences and we care for our junior riders. We share to them about a proper riding technique and most importantly provide them with the moral support throughout their learning process.

At present, we coach our junior bikers at Padawan – Tebedu link. It’s the best route so far due to its diversified road conditions: narrow, wide, hilly, less traffic and the best of all… enjoy the delicious local delicacies cooked by either the Bidayuh or Indonesians, right after the tiring ride.

[At Puteri Malindo Cafe, you can get the best Ayam Penyet and Pandan Lychee Lemon]

So, don’t just sit there, grab your car keys and drive over to Tebedu. Till then, tata…see you later.

Stop the “Like” culture?

It’s not surprising today that almost everybody has a facebook account  including my parents who are 64-66 years old. Whoever posted a status update on the wall, within minutes, he’ll/she’ll receives plenty of “Likes”. The “like” button probably means two things: A reader likes the status update or a reader is acknowledging what’s written by his friends.

However, some people take the “Like” activity too seriously. For them, clicking  the “Like” button means something else. Some associate the “Like” button with personality and behaviour. Some think that the “Like” button reflects what you believe or vote for. For example, in Virginia, United States, six workers were fired for clicking like button on Jim Adam’s facebook, who happened to be their boss’ opponent in the next sheriff election, click here for the full story. Sounds ridiculous right?

Another example is in Malaysia. A teenager was caught and questioned by the police for clicking the “Like” button on “I Love Israel” FB page, click here for the full story. However, lawyers said he has done nothing wrong as his act was not seditious. And I say, the teenager was just ignorant; he might not have an idea of what he was doing.

So, come on….Facebook is just a communication and marketing tool and it has committed no sin. The problem is with the users who abuse this facility, who cannot handle the freedom of speech and keep secrets to themselves. Worst still, if there are narrow minded extremists, who have an FB account.

There may be solutions to this problem, which I doubt can be done….

1.  Take away the “Like” button from Facebook.

2. Parental guidance for users under 18.

3. Education: Users should know to differentiate the good and bad of what they read before clicking the “Like” button.

4. Ban facebook in Malaysia, as proposed by the government. Hahaha! You think so?

What do you think? Well, I still love Facebook. Hahaha!

A grand ceremony for MH17 remains? Why?

A few days ago, a friend of mine forwarded a Watsapp conversation from the Malaysian military group whereby some military wives were dissatisfied over the grand ceremony held for the MH17 remains. They were upset because their husbands, who died in line of duty, in Lahad Datu, Sabah, were not given a grand ceremony despite being the true Malaysian heroes who died protecting Malaysia’s sovereignty from invasion of the Sulus. We all know that when the remains of MH17 came to Malaysia, they were given a full pledge funeral by the families, ministers and the Yang Dipertuan Agong. The citizens of Malaysia were asked to stay silent for a minute and watch the special programme on Tv from 10.30am to 11.30am. On top of that, 400 armed personnel were assigned to fly all the remains from Amsterdam to their respective hometowns.

Well, I may have missed the explanation from the government regarding this grand ceremony, but I might be able to reason it out for you.

1. The incident was an extraordinary incident. The first in Malaysian Aviation history.

2. They were ordinary people who became victims of political instability of other nations.

3. They died not by an ordinary death but rather murdered.

4. They died in a plane with other people from other countries. It’s an international issue.

5. They were unprepared to die. In fact, they were all looking forward to see their loved ones or died together with their loved ones.

So, do you agree with all the grand ceremony they received? Yes! I do.