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How I make more friends

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Of all the hobbies and activities I’m involved in,  Riding a bike seemed to be the only activity that expands my friendship’s circle. In fact, it is still expanding.  I made friends when…. a. I met other riders who are … Continue reading

Stop the “Like” culture?

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It’s not surprising today that almost everybody has a facebook account  including my parents who are 64-66 years old. Whoever posted a status update on the wall, within minutes, he’ll/she’ll receives plenty of “Likes”. The “like” button probably means two … Continue reading

A grand ceremony for MH17 remains? Why?

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A few days ago, a friend of mine forwarded a Watsapp conversation from the Malaysian military group whereby some military wives were dissatisfied over the grand ceremony held for the MH17 remains. They were upset because their husbands, who died … Continue reading