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Ramadan Buffet at The Banquet, Kuching 2015


Profile 2The Ramadan month is when Muslims practice fasting that intend to bring the faithful closer to God and to remind them on the suffering of those less fortunate. Muslims often donate to charities during the month and feed the hungry. When fasting, they exercise self-restraint.

It is a time to detach from worldly pleasures and focus on one’s prayers. Many Muslims dress more conservatively during Ramadan and spend more time at the mosque than at any other time of the year. However, after a day being thirsty and hungry, it’s the Muslims who appreciate good food and drinks more than non-Muslims and sometimes, due to work commitment, they had no choice but to rely on Bazaar Ramadan and food outlets to break fast.

If it’s a dilema to some Muslims on finding a place to eat during the Ramadan month in Kuching, I would recommend The Banquet as one of the options to break the fast.


Located at third mile, Kuching, the Banquet had decided to prepare good food at an affordable price (RM48 for adults and RM24 for chidren under 12 years old) for the Muslims and food lovers around Kuching. Inspired by the beautiful countryside scenery of Sarawak, the Banquet had thoughtfully decorated the restaurant into a village-look-alike so that Muslims patrons would feel at home.






It’s quite surprising that with RM42 per person, the Banquet had generously prepared more than a hundred dishes to choose from. It’s seriously value for money (especially now things aren’t cheap). If you think, you want to start light, you can go for these dishes:


Crab and chicken soup

The dishes served at The Banquet are mostly locally cooked with local ingredients. You’ll see less western dishes here.


Lok Lok


Fried Kueh and potatoes


Lamb chop, Stingray and cuttlefish

Now, if you are ready for the main course, you have the options of:




Mix vegetable, beef rendang, fish, fried bee hoon and rice


Nasi lemak


Peking Duck


There were six types of drinks provided free flow, ranging from hot to cold drinks.

DSC_0544Cold drink (plain), winter melon and Bandung syrup




Coffee and tea


The dessert were adequately prepared.






Ice cream


I’ve tried almost all the dishes. Although most of them were delicious, I had two favourite dishes that night. There were


Nasi lemak (The rice was from Bario)


Peking Duck

It’s okay to bring your family here once a while. I’m sure your wives would be happy to get a night off from cooking. Surely the kids would enjoy eating outside too.

So, if you’re interested to come here for a Ramadan Buffet, please walk in to their restaurant (The Banquet) or call them for booking at 082-451 414 . They are at Sublot 1-8, Lot 745 Blk 218 KNLD, 3rd Exchange Commercial Centre, Jalan Datuk Tawi Sli, Kuching, 93250, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

The best Cheese: Cheese and Tea, Kuching

There are many eateries in Kuching that offer great food. All you have to do is to drive yourself to them or simply read blogs. Sometimes, I get tired of eating at the same place over and over again. Lucky for me, my wife discovered Cheese n Tea restaurant at Jln Keretapi, Kuching. She said, they had good pizza, so I decided to join her in her next visit.

As I entered Cheese and Tea restaurant, I was impressed by its decorations:

[Decorations include flowers, dogs, magazines and fish at the entrance]

[More fish and magazines near the window]

The magazines however, are not for show only. You can always take one of them and read it while waiting for your food. If you bring along children, I’m sure they’ll be excited to see all the colourful fish. In Malay, the fish are called “Ikan Laga“, the fighting fish.

True to its name, Cheese and Tea offers delicious Cheesy Pizza, Spaghetti and teas.  They are cheaper than what you get from Pizza Hut. If you come early, the place won’t be so crowded.

[The crowd after 7pm]

[The delicious pizza. Did you notice that, 1/8 of the pizza had gone? That’s because we were too hungry and we couldn’t wait to eat it. So eat first, photo taking later. Hahaha!]

[The spaghetti was simple but delicious!]

However, I think the rice menu was a bit disappointing. I ordered the BBQ pork that tasted like sweet and sour pork. I also ordered the chicken mushroom soup but tasted like vegetable soup. They should improvise the taste or maybe there were two possibilities here, either the waiter misheard what I said or, that’s the intended taste. I  ordered the BBQ pork during my second visit there but again, it still tasted like sweet and sour pork? Blur…..

[Does this look like a BBQ pork to you with the sauce that taste like sweet and sour?]

My verdict: If you are looking for a good cheese-based meal with tasty drinks, go ahead! go to Cheese and Tea. I have read other blogs regarding this restaurant. If you are interested to read them, click here for 2013 and also here for 2010 blog entries.

The address of Cheese and Tea is;

3147, Ground Floor, Jalan Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce, Kuching, 93050, Kuching, Sarawak
016-606 5635

Food: Non-halal

A Ride for the best Prawn Noodles

Our group went to Kampung Gumpey, Gedong last week to try out the famous dish called “Mee Udang“. My brother saw many bikers posted about this on their facebook before, so he decided to bring us there to try it out ourselves. We got lost a bit, but we finally found the shop.

We parked our bike in front of the shop and you’ll never miss it because the shop is visible from the road. It’s a wooden white building on the left, if you are coming from Gedong. The owner was kind to assist us on choosing our food. She introduced a few dishes, but we decided to have the famous Mee Udang. The thing was, we had to wait for a little while for them to cook the prawns for us.

Mee Udang is set at 3 different prices, depending on the size of the prawns. You can have them for RM8.00, RM15.00 or RM20.00 per bowl. Each bowl contains 3 prawns. The taste was superb and although they are cooked with curry paste, the taste wasn’t really hot. Very suitable for those who don’t like hot and spicy food. You really should try it.

Me and my elder brother, both are bikers, enjoyed the meal so much. Oh! by the way, it’s better to call them first before going there because the prawns may be out of stock. The number to call is 014-5880270 (Din).