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Narnia: The Voyage of the dawn treader

Unlike many youngsters, I don’t have the luxury to watch movie in a cinema nor do I support piracy! It has been a long time I waited for the original Narnia DVD to come out. because that’s the only way I could watch it. Furthermore I am a movie collector. I think I have hundreds of ORIGINAL Dvds at home. And finally, on 29th March 2011, Narnia, the voyage of the dawn treader was released in DVD!

I still love Narnia even though in this episode, two actors were not involved, Peter and Susan, and they put a very funny looking boy, Eustace in it. It doesn’t really matter how other people rate this movie as long as I love it. Hahahah! Oh well, if you are new to this movie, you need to watch the first two episodes: Narnia, the lion, the witch and the wardrobe, and Narnia; Prince Caspian before you could understand Narnia: The voyage of the dawn treader.

This story opens with Edmund wanted to join the military by lying about his age to the recruitment officer, probably he wanted to be independent just like his brother Peter and sister Susan:

However, the recruitment officer realized that he was still young and rejected his application. Being under 16, Lucy and Edmund had to stay with their uncle who had a son called Eustace. Esutace hated them so much that he wrote a diary about them. Eustace also thought that Lucy and Edmund were mad for fantasizing about Narnia.

While Edmund and Lucy were in a room, they looked at the painting. They noticed that the ship in the painting had a Narnian flag and the sea water was moving.

Suddenly Eustace entered the room and called them mad. Eustace did not believed the painting and called it a magic trick. So he tried to throw away the painting.

Within minutes, their room was filled with water and all of them were inside the water. When they swam through and emerged from the water…

they are in the sea and a big Narnia ship was in front of them.

When Prince Caspian saw them in the water, he and his men quickly jumped to the water ans rescued them. They brought all of them, Lucy, Edmund and Eustace on board Narnian ship.

Lucy was wondering why they were once again back to Narnia. She thought Prince Caspian called them, but Prince Caspian denied it. Anyway, they were happy to see each other.

The best part is, they also met with a long time friend, a mouse who fought together with them in the Narnia: Prince Caspian episode. This mouse is cute!

Isn’t he cute? If only I can squeeze him hard…..

Oh well…this entry can be long. If you have not watched this movie, go to a local store and get one. BUT! Support ORIGINAL yeah! and STOP PIRACY!