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The Royale Riders is finally registered!

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There was a saying “Rome was not built in a day” which means, success doesn’t come easy (I think lah!) The same goes to our group, the Royale Riders. I remembered we started off as friends who came from different bikers’ group … Continue reading

Fans of Kia? Here’s Cerato (K3)

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Kia Motors has been trying their best to win the hearts of Malaysians. Their selling points rely very much on the design and features of the car. Unlike its rival Honda and Toyota, who use car variants to attract buyers. A … Continue reading

Proton Iriz Vs Perodua Axia

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After the launching of both cars, which was almost at the same time, I decided to have a look at both cars. But please be reminded that, what’s written here is merely my opinion. You don’t have to agree with … Continue reading