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The Royale Riders is finally registered!

There was a saying “Rome was not built in a day” which means, success doesn’t come easy (I think lah!) The same goes to our group, the Royale Riders. I remembered we started off as friends who came from different bikers’ group such as GMC, Bradir, Howling Metal and so on over a cup of coffee. Then, we began contacting each other frequently when there were invitations from government agencies to display our bikes at their special events. By then, our chat group admin decided to call us as TTS Royale.


An invitation by SK Jalan Arang, Kuching (one of many events)

As our interest in riding grew, some of us had silently talked about registering the group with one of the government bodies in Sarawak. Many of us were unaware of this plan, including me. Unfortunately, right before the work on registration started, the group was hit by a big wave; it started to break into pieces due to a major crisis among its members, so the plan was postponed.

Thank goodness, it was only a pruning process, whereby the admin cut all the bad branches from the tree. It may looked mean, but I guessed, that’s what a leader had to do in ensuring the survival of a group.

When the members regroup, they became stronger and united, so I came out with the idea of pushing the group to register as a legal club once again and glad they agreed to it. We had a few meetings and the process was tedious because I had to prepare a very long club constitution as required by the ministry.

After all the hard work, we finally submitted all our documents to the ministry in August 2015 and waited only for 8 working days to be informed by them that, our club had successfully been registered as The Royale Riders. Without further a due, we brought our families, who had been supporting us in our hobby, to D11 Steamboat, Kuching for a scrumptious dinner.


The food here is delicious but crowded due to its popularity among Kuchingnites.

We’re looking forward to more interesting and bigger projects to come. Announcing our first major project is the Serian Bike Fest which will be held on 24th October 2015. The main organiser is Yellowbean Ent. Hopefully it will be a success. Till then…bye! Adios Amigos!

Fans of Kia? Here’s Cerato (K3)

cerato980Kia Motors has been trying their best to win the hearts of Malaysians. Their selling points rely very much on the design and features of the car. Unlike its rival Honda and Toyota, who use car variants to attract buyers. A concept that means, less accessories equal to cheaper Honda and Toyota.

If money is not an issue, I’d personally go for Kia or Hyundai despite claims by some people, these two brands have low re-sell value and expensive spare-parts.

Thanks to Mr Lim Ann Peng, from Kia Motors who let me tested drive a 1.6  K3 (Cerato) recently. It’s a C segment (a car above RM100 K)


From outside, this car looks sporty. Some said, it has adopted the European car concept. But I say “Wow! Impressive!“. If you ask me on how was it ti drive to drive a K3? I’d say …. pretty much like driving a Kia Forte: heavy and slightly slower pick up than the new Honda City. However, Kia Cerato has 3 steering modes; normal, sporty and comfort, making it fun to drive a Cerato.

Interesting features of  Kia are:

a) Seat : Adjustable and with cool ventilation. Even if a Cerato parked under a hot sun, the driver seat will remain cool. Furthermore, it allows us to set how the driver seat is positioned by pressing the memory button located on the door, near the handle.


b) Air cond: Surprisingly, you can control the temperature of the front air-cond individually. There are two air-cond knobs that can be used to control the temperature differently on the driver’s side and also the front passenger.

c) Fuel Alert: We don’t have to worry about how far a Cerato can go with whatever fuel is left. The car will do the mileage calculation for you so, you can drive it with a peace of mind.

d) Cruise control, Audio control and Bluetooth technology: These buttons are located on the steering wheel. So, we don’t have to bend to push these buttons on the dashboard, which may lead to dangerous driving.



e) A USB port and two cigarette lighter sockets allow you to charge 3 mobile phones at a time. They are useful for those who has more than a phone or those who have an external car camera installed.


f) Other features of Cerato you might think great include:

– 17 inch rims including the spare tyres.

– Rear view camera

– Keyless entry with smart key

– Traction control

– Front and Rear Parking Assist System

– 6 airbags

– 6 speed transmission with paddle shift

– Front fog lamp


So, basically, it’s a value for money car. If you are interested in getting one, go to any Kia showroom today and test drive one. Huhu! I just love this car.

Proton Iriz Vs Perodua Axia

After the launching of both cars, which was almost at the same time, I decided to have a look at both cars. But please be reminded that, what’s written here is merely my opinion. You don’t have to agree with me.

First of all, I would like to congratulate both local companies; Perodua and Proton for taking car business seriously and for improving their products after more than ten years of its establishment. I myself was a client for Proton and Perodua. I bought a Kancil in 1999 and a Wira in 2001 while my other half bought a Myvi in 2007 Proton Saga FL in 2012.  All were local cars when I just started my career.

So back to these two cars in 2014;

Let’s begin with Proton Iriz. I think I prefer this car because it has higher engine capacity. You can choose from a 1.3 cc to 1.6 cc Iriz, depending on your budget. More spacious than Axia and solid looking. With a quick glance, you might be mistaken Iriz with a Ford Focus. But of course, it’s not as economical as Axia due to it’s bigger engine capacity. You understand that right?

The standard looking Proton Iris is already impressive. Very sporty.


Imagine what you can do to it, if you modify it into this:


Oh well, if not? Let’s look at other reasons, why I prefer Proton Iriz than Perodua Axia.


I love the sharp and aerodynamic looking dashboard. If you really get into this car, you’ll find the dashboard solid and when you close the door, it didn’t sound like an empty can.


The engine is well-organised and has ample space for hands to go in, if repair is needed in future.


The rear part is neat and sporty, unlike the high-spec Axia which looks like a transformer robot kind of thing, a little bit deformed, I would say.

Now how about Perodua Axia? I have to admit that Perodua has been building a good quality cars as compared to Proton. But, somehow, this time around, Proton is doing better than them.


This is the high-spec Perodua Axia.


I don’t really like the interior. The dashboard doesn’t look solid and I’m not into many oval objects around.


The engine looks crowded and messy.


The rear part kills my appetite. Looks deformed. It could have been better.

Anyway, these are only my personal opinion and choice. They don’t have to influence you or to be used as your sole reference. Good luck in choosing when you plan to buy one.