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Serian Bikes Festival 2015

This is going to be a really long post I’ve ever written and I guess only bikers would love to read about this entry in details. Hahaha!


It was an unexpected turn up for Serian Bikes Festival 2015 on 24th October. Counting the bikes from morning till late evening, the number could reach 1000 and they came all the way from Kuching, Samarahan, Sri Aman and Kalimantan.

That morning at 8am, I was a bit worried because only a few bikes appeared at the parking lot, however, by 10am the scenario changed; because more bikes came, filling up the parking lots with 19 motorcycle clubs participating in the event. They are Borneo Highland Choppers, Sarawak D2roopers, Bikers Nation, Santai Bikers, I AM LCians SerianCity, Lone Legion Brotherhood, Iron Tigers, Stout Riders, Sedarah, Rolling Thunder, Kaban Dingan, Chaya Bikers, Killer Breed MC, Bornshakers, FZ Crew Serian, Borneo Island Big Bikers Club, Choppers Garage, Tegar Bikers and Freelance Bikers.


The roaring sound of engines, either two or three strokes, was like music to our ears instead of just mindless noises. I witnessed the bikers laughed, smiled and shook hands or making weird gestures when meeting new and old friends. But one thing for sure, they had a great fun.


The highlight of the event was the country ride from Serian town to Kampung Mongkos homestay. We were fortunate that the first Serian Division Resident, Mr. Dahim Nadot was present at our event. He flagged off 3 different convoys, based on the types of motorcycles.



When we did a headcount, over 200 bikers joined the convoy. I believed that this ride had given them the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature along the Tebedu – Mongkos route for about 1 and half hours. To my surprised, not many of them had gone to Kampung Mongkos including those who live in Serian town.  Upon their arrival to Kampung Mongkos, they were served with delicious local delicacies such as chicken rice cooked in bamboo and bamboo shoot cook with coconut milk.







After lunch, all the bikers proceeded to the longhouse where they met with all the residents of Mongkos village and served with dance performances such as Belangi ngadap, Lengomia and I am for you. Meanwhile, other bikers who didn’t participate in the Country Ride, took part in other activities such as arm wrestling, slow ride and mini dart competition at the stadium.













We had a rock night. The bikers were entertained by a music band called The Gurus who brought popular nostalgic Malay and English rock songs. The event ended with Mr. Jesse Emmanuel, the president of the Royale Riders, presented 19 mementos to the participating motorcycle clubs as signs of appreciation and brotherhood among bikers.




Serian Bikes Festival Promotion

After Kuching International Bike Week in September, bikers’ expectations had been very high on any bike events after that. We were not spared from these sky rocketing expectations as we received inquiries and demands on things we never thought of performing. It’s also not surprising that some were very particular about money they were willing to spend during this bad economy.

The promotion had started 2 weeks ago. We’ve are trying our best to promote Serian Bike Fest 2015 to the public and also to Bikers. Despite our hectic job schedules, we still have to run the show although it incurs costs, which we had to considered as “derma” donation for the sake of the festival, hahaha! such as the increase in our petrol consumption for meeting people, the use of our own paper to promote the event, paying slightly more for our own food and other bikers’ food and the list goes on and on and on..hahaha!

So far, we had put up our promotion in Facebook “Serian Bike Festival 2015“. The responses were good, but we noticed not all bikers have facebook. So we also put the promotion in bikers’ whatsapp groups.



As we thought that meeting with leaders of bikers’ group was also important, we called up a few groups last week to get their supports for this event. We thanked all the representatives from ;

1. Rogue Squadron

2. Tegar Bikers

3. Rolling Thiunder Borneo

4. Sarawak D2roopers

5. Borneo Island Big Bikers


[Dolly from Yellowbean and Jess from Royale Riders trying to clarify things]


[Questions from Tegar Bikers]


[Question from Abg Sapiee, right, from BIBB]

The discussion ended well and everybody agreed to help in the Fest. We were very happy to get to know these people as well. The other things we did, were meeting other bikers individually, e-mail them the details and forms of the event and we even sent letters to big organisations. Hopefully with all these promo activities, we will be able to see many people participating  in the bike fest.

The Royale Riders is appointed as the host for Serian Bike Fest

It was unexpected that we are entrusted with a bike programme called “Serian Bike Fest” . Almost everyone was stunned when our President told us about it somewhere in August this year. When he wrote about it on our Whatsapp chat group,  only a few responded promptly to the proposal.

Our president was very courteous, he brought us for a few meetings with Yellowbean Enterprise founded by Dolly and with other members who had some background knowledge in legal issues.

DSC_0424[One of many meetings with Dolly, right, the founder of Yellowbean Ent. at 3rd Exchange commercial centre]

Of course, we argued with Yellowbean Ent. on the contract and later requested for amendments. A few weeks later and after talking about it over cups of coffee, we were convinced that the contract was, in any ways, NOT made to trap the club unless, something went really wrong.

The other members thought that, such project could uplift the group’s reputation and provides the opportunity to widen their connections with other bikers.  We were also inspired by how bold and effective Iron Tiger’s Bikers Club are, in organising a bigger event than us, which is Kuching International Bike Week, thus creating a high degree of confidence among Royale Riders to deliver the same results.


When we looked at the poster designed by Shuyi of YellowBean Ent. we felt proud. And the pride we carry today comes with responsibilities. With only slightly more than a month left before the event starts. Everyone is already busy looking for tenants and exhibitors. Will we succeed? Let’s hope and pray that it will. Adios Amigos!