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1st Bau Bike Week 2016

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This is a late post but it’s never too late to tell a story right? Remember I talked about Bau Bike Week before? Well, this is the write up on the actual event.  Officially, the event kicked off at 8am, … Continue reading

Bau Bike Week: Lurvicide X Band

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There’s no doubt that songs, live performances and loud music are things that we called as “The Must Have”  itinerary for any major event such as bike weeks.  And for Bau Bike Week 2016, we are proud to announce that, Luvircide X, … Continue reading

Bau Bike Week: The Golden Ride To Adis Buan

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One of the attractions for Bau Bike Week is the golden ride to Adis Buan, which is located at Kampung Segong, Singai Bau. The owner, Mr. Disel Gonyeh built this place by incorporating modern facilities with nature, by using woods … Continue reading