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Rumah Asap Dayak Samarahan, Kuching

Note: The setting of stalls in the pictures may change over time due to the upgrading work at Rumah Asap.


Rumah Asap or “Smoke House” was quite popular in Miri, until recently, Kuchingnites started talking about it in Social Media as if “Santa Claus is coming to town”. The excited locals throng their ways to Rumah Asap as early as 5pm during weekends and be rest assured, you’ll be eating in smoky environment and leave the place with BBQ smell all over you. Oh well, you might consider taking another round of shower after that. hehe.

But, that’s the fun part of it right? Definitely, once you reach there, your eyes will be drooling at all the crispy BBQ pork hanging on the metal bar, displaying their golden juicy meat, well done BBQ catfish, mouthwatering “pansuh”, and all other inner parts that you can think of. Wait! There’s more to Rumah Asap because food lovers can ask for fried food, soup and noodles too. All these at reasonable prizes.


My advice, to all food lovers out there is that, if you wish to eat here, please come early, not because the food will be sold out, but the parking space will be tough to find. It does not provide a proper parking lot except for little spaces to squeeze on next to someone’s house. You really have to find your way to get a parking space and to fight for the roadside parking made for St Stephen congregations.  So far, I never felt disappointed by it because I always arrived there before 6 pm.


Recently, they added a bar called “Route 18” at Rumah Asap. So, it’s indeed a good news for people who love drinking. It could be a nice port for those who wish to hang out with their buddies till late night while enjoying the Dayak cuisine. Nevertheless, it is a good platform for the Dayaks to put their cooking skills to test and bring about new Sarawak entrepreneurs.

Till then, see you in my next blog entry.

Bau Bike Week: The Golden Ride To Adis Buan

One of the attractions for Bau Bike Week is the golden ride to Adis Buan, which is located at Kampung Segong, Singai Bau. The owner, Mr. Disel Gonyeh built this place by incorporating modern facilities with nature, by using woods and bamboos as parts of the construction materials. Most people come to Adis Buan to enjoy its natural beauty especially the cool and clean river.IMG-20160709-WA0025

Our Golden Ride team leader, Mr Neglen and his members had a sneak peak of this place and they had fallen in love with its beauty. Adis Buan offers complete facilities for group activities such as the barbeque pits, a long house with tanju, strategic picnic sites, changing room and pathway for jungle trekking.






To share the beauty of Adis Buan with other bikers, Mr Neglen decided to talk to the owner to seal a deal and he successfully did it. Other than that, adding flavour and value for money activities Mr Neglen said, BBW bikers will be entertained with music and traditional dances together with mouthwatering food for lunch. Bikers can also take photos or selfies with all the beautiful plants and scenery.





So, why just watch BBW only when you can enjoy all these with only RM90 per head?

Don’t miss this golden opportunity. Register yourself now as a BBW participant.

Sumiran Eco Camp, Rantau Panjang

That day I was asked by a Scout leader to write about Sumiran Eco Camp and I did. So it was published in the newspaper a few weeks ago.

You can read the news online here > New Sarawak Tribune or read about it here.

At about 200 Scouts, age 13 -15, had successfully completed their course at Sumiran Eco camp. There were 54 lessons and for every lesson, the Scouts were tested to see whether they had acquired the Scout skills such as backwoods cooking, knotting, jungle trekking, trail obstacles, compass reading, marching and group presentation.

Its organising chairman, Mr. Lawrence Yong, the Assistant Sarawak Chief Scout Commisioner said, “ We understand the scouts have very limited time for activities in schools, so, we decided to use the school holidays to train Scouts outside their schools and  provide them the fast track  to earn Scout skill and knowledge badges” “This year, we conduct the training at Sumiran Eco Camp because it was recently upgraded into the Sarawak Scout Training Academy. I was surprised when told that the Scouts from Miri came to Kuching for this programme” he added.

For those who are unfamiliar with this place, Sumiran Eco Camp is located in Rantau panjang, Batu Kawah, Kuching. It is a rainforest mix eco-farm training camp suitable for all ages that offers affordable facilities, services and a suitable environment for developing life-skills and doing outdoor activities.

According to  En. Sudaryo Osman, Sarawak Chief Scout Commissioner,  “We aim to be the Sarawak Scout Training Academy based in Sarawak so that our Scouts do not have to fly over to Terengganu to receive their trainings. In this camp, Scouts can also obtain all the scout badges until they become king scouts. A king scout recognition is important to students if they were to apply for a local university or a job because they will be given the priority by the government”.”The scouts from Indonesia and Brunei are already showing their interest in this camp and they have hinted that they are coming between February and March 2015” he added. During the camp, Ahmad Rifqi Bin Mohd Jerome Rinjes was adjudged as the best Scout Training participant. He was selected based on his leadership skill, talent and excellent Scout skills.

Other than becoming a Scout Academy, Sumiran Eco Camp opens its door to anyone who wishes to conduct leadership programme, team building, family retreat and outdoor education. Since its opening this year, it has already conducted many training programmes for corporate, non-governmental and governmental bodies around Sarawak.

These were the photos which were not published in the newspaper:

Our hostel. Very nice and comfy

The obstacle course. Ladder climbing.

Mud crawling


Backwoods cooking