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Reptoz blog’s identity?

Since the beginning of this year, I’ve not been blogging about photography that much. I feel that, I do not want to stream or narrow my blog into one category. I know it’s very unpopular to do this and I had a hard time nominate my blog into one of the categories set by Nuffnang for the Blog Award. Oh well, my blog may not be the best blog as voted by public but I think it is still the best for me and me alone. I’ll give myself a credit. Hahaha!

This year, I just feel like making my blog a free blog. It’s like…having a niche. It’s like a supermarket or a mall, where you can get anything in one place. You can read about places, food, people, emotions, thoughts, objects, photography in one blog that is… in

Today, allow me to write on photography. This time around I played with lighting. Lighting there and lighting there. But no direct flashlight and I also used a diffuser. Most importantly, I waited for the right time of the day that was between 6.00pm to 7.00 pm. Trust me, the sky was beautiful even though it was raining.So, here’s the results….

What do you think? Nice?