Ride to Batang Ai, Sarawak

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For many riders like us, enjoying our ride is better than the destination itself. It didn’t matter whether our destination was a tourist spot or only known by the locals, because what matters most are to get our tires rolling and get the adrenaline rush in our veins. Once we reach our destinations, we usually go for a drink and take selfies. Simple and yet fun activities. Hehehe.

A few months ago, we decided to ride to Batang Ai, a few kilometres after Sri Aman town and before Betong. It was a planned activity. The journey took us about 2 hours plus to get there. It was said that the freshest and sweetest Tilapia fish is from Batang Ai. So we decided to check it out.


My brother and I, both love riding bikes very much.


It’s a must to stop at a petrol station (Betong) for refuelling. Otherwise, we would be stranded.


As we reached Batang Ai, we took photos in front of the boats. These boats were used by the longhouse folks to commute from their longhouses to town daily.


So good….yeah…


From the hilltop, we saw the fish breeding plots (behind us) That’s where the fresh Tilapias were.


And again, selfie is a must.

Although the trip was enjoyable, it was tiring and we were slightly affected by the rain. If you noticed it, my brother was actually wearing a raincoat. Hehe…

Cuckoo Icon Water Purifier: Good to have

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For years I had been dealing with clean water issue at home. The pipe water that ran into my house sometimes produced unpleasant smell and slightly brownish which, I thought wasn’t fit for consumption. To solve this problem, I drove out to town to look for Reverse Osmosis water dispenser at wee hours just fill a few water bottles with clean water. It wasn’t an interesting experience if you ask me, especially when talking about time efficiency.

Of course, another option was, to boil water at home but then, sometimes, forgetfulness and laziness caused us short of clean water supply on the shelves. There it went again, I had to take up the car key and drove to the nearest shop to buy a few bottles of mineral water. I must say that it wasn’t convenient at all.

So, we looked for an affordable water purifier for months until we came across a Cuckoo promotional booth in Merdeka Plaza. We were attracted with the rental scheme offered by them. With a fixed monthly rental, we get free services and filters as long as we pay the rent.


We rented this model. It dispenses three water conditions: Iced cold, boiling hot and warm


After installing Cuckoo Water Purifier, I no longer worry about boiling water, storing cold water and going out at wee hours to look for clean water. Other than that, I don’t have to worry about its maintenance because everything is taken care by Cuckoo Staff. I managed to take some photos myself when the staff came to change the filters.


There are four water purifiers inside the dispenser.


After 8 months, they’ve changed 3 filters. That means, they’ve kept their promise to change the filters according to the schedule.

Anyway, I’m not promoting this product out of reward, but voluntarily. Good things should go viral right? Let everybody knows the benefits of installing a water purifier at home.

Master Mi outlet in City One, Kuching

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dsc_0033Sometimes, you just have to be adventurous when common dishes fail to satisfy your lust for something new and nyummy. Although I’ve been to City One Megamall, Kuching for many times, it was only a few months ago that I decided to explore a food outlet called “Master Mi” a Taiwanese brand. My intention was to try out the noodles but when I stood at the counter, I saw other interesting meals.

dsc_0031So, I ordered two cups of Latte Coffee, two pieces of toasted bread and a plate of cheesy potato wedges. I know, you might be thinking those were common dishes too, but they looked so tempting in the photos. Thank goodness, the taste was not disappointing at all. While waiting for my food, I stood wondering and looking for tables and chairs in the outlet until I saw a small staircase leaning on the wall, leading to the upper floor. I didn’t ask the cashier about it but, carried my food tray and confidently walked upstairs.



Having my meal upstairs gave me the sense of privacy. I could focus having a conversation with my family without having to look outside the outlet and there were only a few diners there.


The little room was very cozy and they had magazines to read. I don’t mind sleeping there if given the chance to do so. Hehe. So, hey! maybe you should try eating there too and leave your  feedback here. Till then, bye bye! 

For more info. Visit their facebook at https://www.facebook.com/MasterMiSarawak/