Why teachers need the long holiday

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Some of my friends questioned the rationale behind the long holiday given to teachers. Seriously? I told myself. Well, I’m not saying that my job is harder than others or more important than others. It’s just that, there’s simply NOTHING to do when the students are not around. Our job scope is to educate the children. What and who to educate when the school is empty?

My point is, our work schedule depends so much on the nature of our job. Take for example, the nurses and police petty officers have to work on shift and get two days off weekly, the offshore workers get their 2 weeks break after a month’s work, some get to travel around the world on government expenses and etc.

And of course, generally, people need a break. Other government officers are given 30 or more days of annual leaves which they can take or apply anytime but for teachers, we do not have the privilege to apply for leaves when the school session starts unless we are sick. Therefore, there isn’t a need to question why teachers are given a long holiday at year end.

Remember, we all have work stress; problems and difficulties at work. On our part as teachers, we need a long break because:

1. When the school starts, we work almost 24/7. From early morning to evening and from Monday to Sunday. We spend our time mostly for the benefits of other people’s children.

2. We are not only playing our role as teachers but other roles too such as, being parents to school children, sports coaches, counselors, advisors, and etc. Those roles really drain our energy and time.

3. Even during the school break, we have to invigilate SPM until December, attend end year courses, finalizing students’ PBS results and the primary school teachers have to take up the job as “Security Guards” taking care of the schools.

4. We are kept in a closed school compound and have to deal with thousands of kids with different attitudes, cultures, thinking and beliefs for 8-9 hours a day. They increase our blood pressure, the mental and emotional stress especially, when confronting problematic children, who see school as a prison. If you ask the jail wardens, they also experience the same stress when dealing with the convicts.

So, we are not “free” OR our job is not as “easy” as you think. We are busy and tired as you are. So, let’s stop comparing our jobs and let’s stop questioning the long holiday. Just like the others, we do want to spend more time with our family.

Sarawak is a jungle?

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Many years ago, I was asked by a friend from Negeri Sembilan about Sarawak. His question was “Orang Sarawak masih tinggal dalam hutan kah?” (Do Sarawakians still live in jungles?) Oh well, I hope such question doesn’t spill anymore from the mouths of our young generation since google is on their palms and our Prime Minister’s frequent visit to Sarawak has opened the mind and eyes of our West Malaysian counterparts through TV. Furthermore, the increasing number of West Malaysians working in Sarawak has helped us to promote Sarawak at their respective states.

Although Sarawak is developing quite fast, some things worry me. And one of it, is the traffic. The roads here used to be quiet and peaceful but not today. These are usual scenes now, regardless or day and night.

Progress is good but there’s no harm in showing concern right? Well…I am concerned now. I hope better traffic system will be created before it’s too late for Kuching.

Tropicana Motorworld, Kuching

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It must be very exciting for Kuchingnites to have Tropicana Motorworld in Kuching, opposite our famous hotel, Four Points Sheraton. Before this, we’ve been reading and searching for high-powered bikes through Mudah.com.my and Tropicana Motoworld in West Malaysia is offering irresistible prices and services such as RM1 downpayment, free shipping to East Malaysia etc.

However, don’t be deceived. While the offers are true in West Malaysia, once the bikes reaches Sarawak, the prices are the same as others sold in other motorcycle dealers in Kuching. They can’t get away from marking up the prices due to transportation cost and asking for higher down payment, which might be due to the financial institution policies in Sarawak. So, let me show you the showroom of Tropicana Motorworld first, before writing further.

[A nice and welcoming replica inside the shop]

[They sell below 150cc bikes too]

[They also sell above 500cc bikes. This one is a Naza Blade 650 cc]

[At the time I was there, I saw all types of helmets on the shelves]

[Two bikers were inquiring the staff about bikes. I must say that the PR of the staff was excellent]

So, what to expect when you walked into Tropicana Motorworld Kuching?

1. A friendly service by the staff there.

2. You won’t be able to do trade-in business there. But they allow you to display your bikes in their shop, helping you indirectly to sell your bikes.

3. Some bikes need to be pre-ordered. Not all bikes are ready stock.

4. Don’t pay RM1 to them if you want to buy a bike. Hahaha!

5. Wanted to test drive the bikes there? Well, it depends on which bikes. Sometimes they allow you to test drive and sometimes they don’t. No worries, all you need to do, is just ask.

Orait. Have a nice day folks.