Bella Italia, Kuching

It wasn’t planned, it was an accident. Here goes the story; Last Saturday night, my family went out looking for a place to dine. As we drove to around BDC, we came across a restaurant called “Bella Italia“and without thinking further, we parked our car, we went into it and placed our order.

[Squid rings]

[Cheesy pasta]

[Fetucinne alla Carbonara is my favourite]

[Hawaian Pizza]

So, what have I learnt here?

1. Every meal can be shared by two persons. So, don’t order too much otherwise, you’ll waste the food.

2. They serve all meals faster than Pizza Hut. Your orders will be on your table in no time!

3. Be sure to bring lots of cash because the food is quite pricey.

4. You’ll encounter Italians in the restaurant. So, be prepared to speak English.

How’s the taste of the food?

I’d give 5 out of 5 because the food was delicious and authentic, unless, you’re not the kind of person who would go for pizza or pasta.

If you wish to go there, here’s the address:

Address: RH Plaza, Ground Floor, Lot 9958, Block 16, No. 111, Jalan Lapangan Terbang No.1, 93250 Kuching.
Phone Number: 082-454570

Lirik Kami Guru Malaysia

I just feel like singing this song;

Kami guru Malaysia, Berikrar dan berjanji

Mendidik dan memimpin, Putra putri negara kita

Pada seri paduka, Kami  tumpahkan setia

Rukun negara kita, Panduan hidup kami semua.

Di bidang pembangunan, Kami tetap bersama

Membantu, membina, Negara yang tercinta.

Amanah yang diberi, Kami tak persiakan

Apa yang kami janji, Tunai tetap kami tunaikan.

A ride to Pesta Benak, Sri Aman

I was excited when a group of big bikers decided to go to Pesta Benak in Sri Aman. I’d been to Sri Aman but not with my big bike. So, this was my first time ever!. However, we didn’t go there to watch the popular Benak wave but to participate in the bike show. We started our journey from Kuching at 8am, then, we had a pit stop in Serian and Lachau. Finally, we reached Sri Aman around 11am.

[As we reached Sri Aman, we waited for our tour leader to bring us to the Big Bike Site]

[We parked our bikes nicely]

[We had a walk around the mini stadium. These were Mortads]

[These were easy riders]

[I bought a head cover from this stall too]

Overall, the trip was fun although it was raining when I went back to Kuching. Looking forward to this kind of ride again.