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Sibu Bike Week 2014

20141205_131702THE DECISION

It was a last minute decision to join Sibu Bike Week event last year. After calculating the cost and checking my schedule, I finally contacted our group admin for hotel booking. I invested in a new bag pack for this trip (it’s a 35 litre Adventure bag) changed the rear tire of my er6f for safety reason. Travelling is never cheap right?


[Pit stop in Betong, due to rain]


On the day itself, I waited for our team to arrive at Serian Shell Station. I met some other bikers waiting there too. One of them was Suffian, a friend whom I got to know a few months back before the trip. Surprisingly, many bikers went down to Sibu for the event. Probably because Sibu is strategically located in Sarawak, where the East and West bikers could easily meet.


[Our bikes, ready for washing]

We felt safe travelling in a big group. However, bad fortunes were upon us. A few bikers travelling from Kuching were involved in road mishaps and one of it was fatal. I was told that a Brunei biker passed away in the mishap. Thankfully, all of our group members arrived Sibu safely. The only thing that I wasn’t happy about was the bad weather. At certain spots, we rode under the rain. Our bikes became ugly and dirty. I think it’s really unnecessary to spend money and sacrifice our time to send our bikes for thorough washing.


[At the exhibition site]


The towkeys in Sibu must be very happy with our present: The hotels, pubs, eateries and massage parlours were fully occupied during the event. Some of us were really looking forward to watch the beauty contest on that day. But some were more interested in shopping for goods. I bought a few things for myself such as t-shirts, a Kawasaki lanyard and some local delicacies.


[Shopping time]


[Beauty pageant contest]

We stayed at Kingwood hotel. Thanks to Jeremy who did the booking early, otherwise, we wouldn’t have a place to stay. Luckily he managed to rent two rooms adjacent to each other. The rooms were beautiful and the snoring at night was marvelous, similar to an orchestra performance in London (that’s what happens when you sleep with bros…hahahaha!)


[At Kingwood hotel]


We didn’t do much during the event. We only parked our bikes at the exhibition site and took some photographs. After that, we went to Wisma Sanyan and had drinking sessions at night. Our activities might seem simple, but we had a good time hanging around with each other like brothers in arm.



[At Wisma Sanyan]

On our way back to Kuching, Liam, was frustrated over his Harley Davidson. The bike gave up on him while he was riding it. We helped him find a Good Samaritan who was willing to transport his Bike to Lachau. This was the second time I helped people loading a huge bike on a 4WD car. Lifting a bike could strain your muscles.



[Liam’s Harley Davidson]


Well, this was a memorable experience for me. All these while, I only rode around my comfort zones, Kuching-Serian-Sri Aman. Never would I thought that, I’d be riding to Sibu. Maybe, next time, I should go further. Miri perhaps?


Bikers to SK St Patrick, Krokong

This is the first time I wrote for my bikers group. And I’m surprised we were given a one-page publication in the New Sarawak Tribune a few days ago.

So if you are interested to read this: Here’s the copy;

The presence of Bradir Country Riders (BCR) club has attracted hundreds of visitors to SK St Patrick, Krokong Bau for its open day recently. Schoolchildren and parents were attracted to the display of high powered bikes and took photos of themselves with the bikes.

The Bradir team leader, Angga Guwen, said, “Inviting big bikers helps to make the event more merrier as most people are interested in looking at big bikes. Also, since most people own motorcycles, we wish to encourage them to buy high powered bikes in future”.

“Those who own big bikes are usually cautious when on the road and they wear complete protective attires when riding. When we come to SK St Patrick, we hope to share about road safety to the schoolchildren and to the parents. Other than that, these bikers are known for their friendliness and fun loving people. They came from Kuching, Siburan and Serian”. He added.

Sk St Patrick organised the open day as an activity to raise fund and to strengthen the ties between the teachers and residents of Kpg Krokong. Among the activities for the day were food and drinks sales, song sponsor, lucky draw and games.


Stout and Heineken: Escobar Damai Central

Sometimes, the best ride is the unplanned ride. It’s a common practice in our group because we couldn’t predict the future. So, you could consider us as impromptu riders. Haha! I hope the term is correct.

About a month ago, we had a short ride to Damai Central, Kuching and this time around, we spent more hours there due to an unplanned extra activity : Drinking session in Escobar. To tell you the truth, it was my first time visiting Escobar. Again, as i mentioned earlier, it was a quick decision made by others. On the way to Escobar, I passed by BB Bunker. It’s a lodge (hostel type) suitable for backpackers or visitors who prefer simplicity and affordable lodging. They pasted a small paper on the glass door that wrote “RM50 per day“. Could it be that cheap?

At the Escobar, we unintentionally divided ourselves into two groups. The first group to arrive had a few bottles of Stout and the second group had Heineken. A friend of mine said “the Stout is Oil and the Heineken is Ron95“. Thanks to the Stout group for treating us with the delicious Escobar French Fries. Now, look at the two pictures below. Can you guess which group I belonged to?

[The Stout group]

[The Heineken group]

At first, I thought the drinks were expensive but I was proven wrong that day. The price was quite reasonable for an exclusive restaurant or cafe. I paid not only for the drinks but also the beautiful scenery of the beach.

Lucky for us, when we went home, the weather was superfine and all of us arrived home safely despite drinking a few glasses of alcohol. Huhu!