Poor ASB service in local banks

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[Frustrated people waited outside the post office because all banks didn’t accept them]

As a Bumiputera, I invested in ASB to get higher return than other savings. However, there were times when I really need to withdraw some money for personal use. After ASB declared its bonus in January 2012, I tried to withdraw money however, until today, I could not!

Ask any other ASB subscribers around who got the same fate as me and they will tell you two words “Frustrated and angry“, I really don’t understand why ASB has only one counter in each bank? Why is it bank put limit on the number of people doing ASB transaction? I pity those who came from far villages trying to withdraw money from ASB because they went home empty-handed after being rejected by banks. The silly banks also told me to go to the post office to withdraw ASB. But what they don’t see is that, post office got no money. I cannot withdraw more than RM1K. Also, the silly banks told me to get my number in the morning to stay in the quota. Didn’t they know that I am a working adult? Ingat boleh suka hati keluar pejabat?

Well…other excuses that the banks gave me were the computers used for ASB transaction were damaged and that ASB was offline.This was really frustrating.

The impact of this problem was people who need money to send their children to school could not provide enough money for  their children and those who need to repay their loans in advanced would have to delay doing so. Not only that, some of them were also late for work due to the long waiting period in the banks and the post office. A bank officer, who refused to be named, mentioned to me that ASB line is always slow causing 20 minutes of waiting period per-customer. And since only post office is always available for ASB transaction, now many post offices around Kuching becomes crowded.

[These people waited for several hours in the post office to withdraw their money]

A friend of mine, Mdm Junnah, a primary school teacher complained that she had waited for almost two hours for her turn to keep money in ASB at the post office. As a school teacher she could not go to the bank in the morning. She had to wait until the school finished before she could go to the banks.  The complain on ASB is not a short-term problem, this scenario could drag until one whole year. What do you think?

Should ASB Malaysia do something about this?

I want a big bike!

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Before I own a car, I was a big bike fan. But, when I started my first job in Nilai, Negeri Sembilan, my salary was only RM1,300. So I bought Kawasaki Kips, 150cc. It was powerful because it’s a 2-stroke engine bike. Driving on KL highway was fun because could drive the bike at 120km per hour without worrying about the speed trap. Unfortunately, I had to sell the bike in year 2000 because I moved to Kuching.

Although I sold the bike, I still have a motorbike here in Kuching. Not as powerful as Kawasaki Kips but I love it.  Now, I’m driving Suzuki VR125. The love for big bike is still within me. But recently, my brother bought a big bike, a 650cc bike. He brought me to Ghee Hwa motors to have a look at his new bike and other bikes on display there. I was so envious of him and my love for big bike now grow stronger and I am determined to buy one by next year.Furthermore, I always see big bikers convoy along Kuching-Serian highway nowdays. They make me “geram”….hahaha!

A few months ago, a group of us went to a Big Bike Show at The Spring. I was very excited to see all the amazing bikes. If only I have the money at that time, surely I will buy one for myself. Huhuhu!!!!

[My blogger friend, Fahriee]

[Angel Pep, became my motorcycle model that day. Hahaha!]

[And…the rest of us, the Sarawak Bloggers]

So, what big bike am I planning to buy? At present, I’m thinking of Kawasaki Ninja, 250cc.

But, do you think I should buy a more powerful bike? Like 1,000cc bike? Please don’t tell me to buy easy rider bike, I just fall in love with a Super Bike.

Finally, I got the answer for Serian folks

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Remember I complaint on the road connecting JPN office to the main road? Oh maybe you missed it. You can always click here. I was wondering why after a few years, the road was not tar-sealed. It’s kinda weird for a government office not to have a proper road right? So I thought something must be wrong.

[The road in front of JPN is not tar-sealed?]

[See? not tar-sealed]

Lucky for me, I used a proper channel to investigate instead of asking any opposition party to find out. Hahaha! So, I e-mailed Sarawak TALIKHIDMAT once again to ask. As usual, the answer wasn’t immediate but they would get the answer sooner or later.

[My e-mail to TALIKHIDMAT]

After a few months, TALIKHIDMAT managed to get Serian District Council to answer. And this is their response to me and TALIKHIDMAT Sarawak.

[The response from Serian District Council]

You can’t read? Ok. Basically, they were saying that they cannot tar-sealed the road because the status of the land (lot) is unclear. They need to refer and wait for Samarahan Land and Survey department to clear it off. I’m not sure what they meant by “status“. Did it mean that they do not know whose the owner of that lot or it means they did not know whether the lot is a mixed-zone or Native Customary Land (NCR)?