Pork Satay, Serian

I had never come across Pork Satay when I was in West Malaysia. I just discovered it 9 years ago in Kuching, Sarawak, when I went to Stampin food centre for a drink with my wife. That night, I saw a lot of people gathered around in one particular stall so I decided to join the crowd while my wife waited for our drinks. Those people were actually rushing to buy Pork Satay before it’s finished. Lucky for me, I managed to buy 10 sticks that night.

[Open air food outlets in Serian, operating from 6pm to 11pm]

Now, the idea of selling Pork Satay seems getting popular. In Serian open air food outlets,, my favourite Pork Satay stall is just in front of H&L. If you happened to go there, be careful not to buy from the wrong stall. If I’m not mistaken, there are three stalls selling Pork Satay there. The best one would be this guy:

[Look for a middle-aged uncle. Forgot to ask about his name that night. But he’s friendly and he always wear hat]

At present, he’s selling Pork Satay for RM0.60 each. Other than satay, his other specialty is BBQ pork and chicken. His pork is so tender and delicious. You can never find a good 3-layered pork like his anywhere else. Out of curiosity,¬† I boldly¬† asked him “uncle, where did you buy this beautiful 3-layered pork?“. He happily told me that he bought it from Serian Market. He bought it early morning, before anyone else. Phew!!! luckily he wasn’t mad at me for asking him his secret recipe. Kekekee…

[If you look at the photo above, you’ll agree that he had the best pork satay and BBQ ever!]

Premier Paid Toilet in the Spring, Kuching

The Spring shopping mall Kuching had opened a Premier Paid Toilet inside its premise since a few months back. Since it’s a new thing there, I decided to give it a try. The entrance fee is RM2.00 and overall, the toilet is clean.

The toilet is located next to Parkson.

Although clean, there’s no decoration inside the washroom.

Modern look but a very plain looking washroom.

The same stuff that you see in non-paying washrooms inside the premise. There isn’t any difference.

Ok. This is just a better looking toilet bowl.

The washroom does not provide toilet paper. So…Premier as is it says? I don’t think so. A lot of improvement needed before they can call it a Premier toilet. You better keep your two ringgit for parking. Ahaks!

Adios Amigos!

The Chinese in us.

Greetings to all of you. Right now I’m sure many of you are doing your visiting.

This year we visited our close family friend and oh, in fact we visit the family every year without fail. Their child, Florence Liew has been under our care since she was small. She’s a Chinese. My mother-in-law treated her as her own child. Now that she is big and a teacher-to-be, she is still like our little sister. A few things I like about her is that, she sometimes stay in our house for a few days during school holidays, speak our language, Bidayuh and eat our traditional food like “sambal” “belacan” etc. despite being a Chinese.

[Florence Liew is the one sitting on the floor]

If we practice humility and tolerance, I believe we all can co-exist despite our differences. Don’t you think so? Happy New Year to all Chinese in Malaysia.