Developer Experience Influenced by Open Source Culture – InfoQ

A monthly overview of things you need to know as an architect or aspiring architects. Facilitating the Spread of Knowledge and Innovation in Professional Software Development Git is a popular tool for version control in software development. It is not uncommon to use multiple Git accounts. Correctly configuring and switching Git accounts is challenging. In … Read more

How AI affects vulnerability management in open-source software – Help Net Security

In this Help Net Security video, Itamar Sher, CEO of Seal Security, discusses how AI affects the risk and operational aspects of managing vulnerabilities in open-source software. One of the core issues around open-source vulnerability patch management has been the coupling between security patches and other code changes. The result is that developers cannot apply … Read more

Blinken visits Ukraine, says U.S. weapons will make a “real difference” as Russia pushes new offensive – CBS News

Kyiv, Ukraine — U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Tuesday that American military aid on its way to Ukraine will make a “real difference” on the battlefield, as the top diplomat made an unannounced visit to reassure an ally facing a fierce new Russian offensive. In increasingly intense attacks along Ukraine’s northeast border in recent … Read more

Open-source AI and more: Insights at Red Hat Summit – SiliconANGLE

Artificial intelligence is top of mind for today’s enterprise. Companies are scrambling to find new value areas for open-source AI within their operating model and innovate on the technology’s scope of capabilities. With open source as a key factor in this paradigm, what picture of the future is being painted from the insights at Red … Read more

7 Essential Open-Source Generative AI Models Available Today

There are many reasons that businesses may want to choose open-source over proprietary tools when getting started with generative AI. This could be because of cost, opportunities for customization and optimization, transparency or simply the support that’s offered by the community. There are disadvantages too, of course, and I cover the pros and cons of … Read more

OSINT overdose: Intelligence agencies seek new ways to manage surge of open-source intel – Breaking Defense

Want the latest defense industry news? Sign up for the Breaking Defense newsletter. Pentagon grapples with growth of artificial intelligence. (Graphic by Breaking Defense, original brain graphic via Getty) WASHINGTON — AI-powered machine translation, big data analytics, and now large language models are sucking up data from social media, smartphones and other “open source” to generate … Read more

PySimpleGUI Exceeds 10 Million Installations

May 14, 2024 10:48 ET | Source: PySimpleSoft PySimpleSoft RALEIGH, N.C., May 14, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — PySimpleGUI, the Python application that simplifies programming and dramatically increases productivity for Windows, Mac and Linux users, has exceeded 10 million downloads and now has active users in every country in the world.  PySimpleGUI’s architecture is uniquely simple … Read more

SensiML Launches First Complete Open-Source AutoML Solution for Edge AI/ML Development

PORTLAND, Ore., May 14, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — SensiML™ Corporation, a leader in AI/ML software for the IoT and a subsidiary of QuickLogic (NASDAQ: QUIK), today announced it is disrupting the TinyML® market by being the first to offer a complete, open-source AutoML solution for the development of edge AI/ML applications with its popular Analytics Studio application.  … Read more

AI-Generated Code: A New Link in the Software Supply Chain

Companies must apply the lessons learned from securing the open source software supply chain to the code they’re generating with AI. The software supply chain comprises everything that touches an application or plays a role in its assembly, development, or deployment. This includes proprietary and open source code, APIs and cloud services, and the infrastructure … Read more