Red Hat & Lloyds Banking: Innovating with Open Source | FinTech Magazine

Leading supplier of open source solutions, Red Hat, has partnered with Lloyds Banking Group to help transform how the bank’s engineering teams operate – leveraging modern engineering practices. For Lloyds Banking Group, the UK’s leading financial services group with 27 million members nationwide, collaboration with Red Hat marks an acceleration in the way it uses … Read more

Does More Money Improve Open Source Security? –

It sounds simple: If you pay developers more money, they’ll improve the quality of their code, right? The evidence isn’t so clear. There has been little direct evidence that paying open-source developers results in more secure code – until now. The Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab (DFRLab) recently showed a correlation between funding for … Read more

IBM Releases Granite AI Models To Open-Source Community

IBM Research recently announced it’s open sourcing its Granite code foundation models. IBM’s aim is to democratize access to advanced AI tools, potentially transforming how code is written, maintained, and evolved across industries. Granite emerged from IBM’s ambitious vision to simplify the coding process. Recognizing the complexities and rapid evolution inherent in software development, IBM … Read more

Definition of ‘Open Source AI’ Closer to Reality with the Open Source Initiative Facilitating Global Workshop Series to Cap Off Multi-Year Initiative

The OSI community is traveling to five continents seeking diverse input on how to guarantee the freedoms to use, study, share and modify Open Source AI systems. SAN FRANCISCO, May 14, 2024 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Open Source Initiative (OSI), globally recognized by individuals, companies and public institutions as the authority that defines Open Source, is driving … Read more

Establishing a security baseline for open source projects – Help Net Security

In this Help Net Security interview, Dana Wang, Chief Architect at OpenSSF, discusses the most significant barriers to improving open-source software security (OSS security) and opportunities for overcoming these challenges. The OpenSSF community has developed open-source security tools and projects, aiming to make security the default and promote a collaborative effort to strengthen the security … Read more

IBM open-sources its Granite AI models – and they mean business | ZDNET

Open-sourcing large language models (LLMs) isn’t easy. Just ask the Open Source Initiative (OSI), which has been working on an AI-compatible open-source definition for nearly two years. Some companies — Meta, for example — claim to have open-sourced their LLMs. (They haven’t.) But, now IBM has gone ahead and done it. IBM managed the open sourcing of Granite code by … Read more

BLint: Open-source tool to check the security properties of your executables – Help Net Security

BLint is a Binary Linter designed to evaluate your executables’ security properties and capabilities, utilizing LIEF for its operations. From version 2, BLint can also produce Software Bill-of-Materials (SBOM) for compatible binaries. “Several source code analysis tools can examine a code repository and generate an SBOM. But what about a binary executable, where the code … Read more