PySimpleGUI Exceeds 10 Million Installations

May 14, 2024 10:48 ET

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RALEIGH, N.C., May 14, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — PySimpleGUI, the Python application that simplifies programming and dramatically increases productivity for Windows, Mac and Linux users, has exceeded 10 million downloads and now has active users in every country in the world.  PySimpleGUI’s architecture is uniquely simple (linear/non-object-oriented), improves efficiency for both novice and experienced software developers, integrates with Generative AI and allows for the creation of more complicated programs.

“We are extremely pleased with the adoption rate of PySimpleGUI since our launch in 2018,” said Monty Hagler, Chief Marketing Officer for PySimpleSoft, parent company of PySimpleGUI.  “Now that we have more than 10 million installations and 20,000 organizations using the application, we are moving from Open Source to Commercial License in order to continue innovating the platform, expanding educational tools and improving security. PySimpleGUI 5 launched earlier this year and has already seen widespread acceptance of its updated capabilities.”

A key differentiator between PySimpleGUI and other Python GUI libraries is the ease of use in creating applications. Rather than requiring 1-2 years of Python programming experience, even beginner users can make complex programs using a full pallet of GUI widgets and a development ecosystem.

PySimpleGUI 5 is available with a $99 perpetual license for commercial users, while hobbyists are currently allowed to access the library and ecosystem for free. Users of PySimpleGUI 5 can take advantage of a 30-day free trial period, after which payment of $99 will be required.

About PySimpleSoftPySimpleSoft, Inc. launched PySimpleGUI in 2018 to enable Python programmers of all levels to create GUIs. PySimpleSoft offers PySimpleGUI 5 as licensed software for commercial use and at no cost for hobbyists. To learn more about the new product and its features, visit